Surge of generics will trigger drop in drug prices

November 05, 2017

Journal of the American Medical Association: Facts, Facts, Facts: What Is A Physician To Do? Perhaps it is timely to reengage physicians in the discussion of international comparative data about health care and to ask why the United States is so provincial in designing the systems by which care is delivered. ... Advances in electronic medical records and information sciences will exponentially increase the amount of comparative data that can be produced across countries. Physicians should help to direct the type of data collected and to increase the validity and reliability of these data. At the same time, there needs to be a more open exploration of what data suggest about how the US health care system is performing and how it can be improved (Dr. Robert H. Brook, 7/27).

Minneapolis Star Tribune: That State Budget Was Nothing To Be Proud Of We understood going into the 2011 legislative session that funding for human services would likely take its share of cuts, but this bill is far more disappointing than we imagined, in a number of ways. Under the final health and human services (HHS) budget, hundreds of millions of state and federal dollars that would have paid for services for persons with disabilities in the community will be lost (Pat Mellenthin, 7/26). 

The Kansas City Star: To Deal With Aging Population, We Need More Effective Planning If Kansas City is to be a robust and thriving metropolitan area, we must all work toward "Creating a Community for All Ages" and that cannot be done without recognizing the profound impact on the region of the shifting age demographic. We must acknowledge that the unprecedented increase of older adults in our region will insist we address areas such as caregiving, health/technology, housing, mobility /transportation, social/civic engagement and work force development from a perspective that includes and serves all those who work, live and participate in commerce (Sandra Silva, 7/26). 

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