RTCA HT instrument from Roche employs high-throughput real-time cell analysis

October 01, 2017

Prof. Cooper commented, "We see the advent of 384-well screening systems based technologies such as electrical impedance as highly significant for GPCR screening and ligand-directed signaling. At least 800 distinctive human G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) are known, with ~350 being estimated to be useful drug targets. Although only ~7% of GPCRs are currently targeted by drugs, this accounts for ~35% of blockbuster pharmaceuticals. Here label-free can really challenge current screening paradigms, as the readout is non-invasive, temporal, cumulative and most importantly, signaling-pathway independent."

The xCELLigence System utilizes impedance as a readout enabling label-free, non-invasive and kinetic readout of cellular status in response to a multitude of different treatments and therefore can be used in many different cell biological contexts. The system provides highly incisive and information-rich data not available with other platforms.

Source: Roche