Researchers discover mechanism of body fat accumulation

June 13, 2017

Dr. Raj Singh, President and CEO of Vivo Biosciences, commented, "HuBiogel is the first commercially available, fully-defined human- biomatrix, and we have already demonstrated that cellular behaviour can be very different using HuBiogel compared to other types of matrix." Dr. Singh went on to say, "We are confident that real-time and dynamic monitoring of stem cells or cancer cells growing in HuBiogel and dynamically monitored by the xCELLigence System will provide extremely useful and incisive information for basic research as well as drug discovery and development."

"Roche Applied Science believes that the combination of its unique cell invasion monitoring technology with a human biomatrix can significantly support and accelerate oncology research in analyzing the invasive potential of tumor cells", stated Ruedi Stoffel, Life Cycle Leader for Cellular Analysis at Roche Diagnostics.

Source: ACEA Biosciences Inc.