PositiveID to include new bio-sensor application in Wireless Body platform

July 21, 2017

The Company expects its Wireless Body platform will continue to evolve with the addition of other vital sign-sensing capabilities. The Company is also developing a glucose-sensing microchip, as well as other devices for improved disease management, that will be integrated with The Wireless Body.  The Wireless Body also has the ability to identify medical devices, currently catheter ports, to allow them to communicate with an external reader to ensure proper medication dosages and safety for the patient.

"The ability to continuously monitor a patient's vital signs provides a real-time gauge of their health and wellness," said Scott R. Silverman. "The addition of temperature-sensing capabilities to The Wireless Body platform is just one of many applications that we intend to provide for improved patient care. As mobile health initiatives continue to grow, we have chosen a strong development partner in RFID Solutions, which, we believe, can efficiently and expertly deliver this application for us."

Source: PositiveID Corporation