People with long term debilitating physical illness demonstrate mental resilience

October 29, 2017

self rated mental health did not differ between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Irelandthere are no differences between males and females, with 50 per cent rating their overall health as either 'excellent' or 'very good'thirty-seven per cent of males and 38 per cent of females have a long term illness; of these 68 per cent of males and 71 per cent of females reported limitations in the last month. Climbing stairs as well as the amount and kinds of work that can be done were the most common stated, with women tending to report recent limitations more than menasthma, arthritis and high blood pressure are the three most prevalent conditions, each affecting over 10 per cent of the sampleoverall figures indicate that seven per cent of the total population (approximately 25,000 respondents) have at some point in their lives been diagnosed with clinical depression and that of those people the majority (69 per cent), currently suffer from depression.