Jefferson awarded $2.6M grant for study on cognitive decline in older African Americans with MCI

July 11, 2017

This randomized, controlled trial will test the efficacy of a culturally relevant intervention, known as Behavior Activation (BA), which increases participation in self-identified meaningful activities, to prevent cognitive decline. Two hundred trial participants from multiple community sites (e.g., senior centers, senior high rise apartment houses) that predominately serve older African Americans, will be randomized to either BA therapy or Supportive Therapy (ST), which provides supportive counseling. A nurse will deliver five initial in-home BA treatment sessions over two to three months and then six subsequent in-home booster sessions (one session every three months) using language, materials and concepts that are culturally relevant to older African Americans. A nurse will similarly deliver in-home ST at the same treatment intensity as BA.

"Until we find better treatments for Alzheimer's disease, behavioral interventions may hold the best hope for preserving cognitive functioning." said Dr. Casten.

SOURCE Thomas Jefferson University