Humana joins with iCan to offer new individual healthcare plans

September 03, 2017

This unique relationship will provide iCan customers with access to Humana's full suite of insured products as well as discount plans. The competitively priced benefits can be included in various product bundles. A variety of packages is now available, some of which include additional insured health benefits. Also, purchasers of these products can leverage savings programs for entertainment, travel, legal and financial services, as well as personal and family benefits, such as counseling.

"As the focus of the industry evolves, Humana and iCan recognize in each other the commitment to providing not only quality coverage but quality service, with the goal of improving overall population health," said Steve Tucker, chief executive officer of the iCan Benefit Group. "These new offerings of dental, vision and pharmacy benefits enable us to better provide the families we serve with affordable health solutions."

"Oral and ocular health are important to an individual's overall health and well-being and these plans will give people access to affordable dental and vision care," said Beth Bierbower, Humana's specialty benefits chief operating officer.

Source: Humana Inc.