Eye exams play a critical role in detection of chronic diseases

September 30, 2017

65 percent of the 2.2 million members with high cholesterol (1.5 million), resulting in two-year savings of $1.7 billion 20 percent of 1.5 million members with diabetes (296,800), resulting in two-year savings of  $827 million30 percent of 2.2 million members with hypertension (667,800), resulting in two-year savings of $2 billion

The HCMS study further revealed that employers offering vision benefits experienced 7 percent less absenteeism, 4 percent less employee turnover and savings on insurance and workers' compensation costs. Early detection of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension also increased the likelihood employees would be proactive with their healthcare and more likely to see a medical doctor to receive follow-up care.  

The study also concluded that eyecare benefits saved VSP's 38,000 clients ?? for profits, not-for-profits and government organizations ?? $4.5 billion through the early detection of chronic diseases via an eye exam. For every $1 invested in VSP exam services ?? which include comprehensive, annual eye exams ?? during an employee's first year with the benefit, employers average a two-year total return of $1.27 in long-term healthcare savings. These savings are a result of avoided medical costs and increased employee productivity.

VSP Vision Care is the only vision plan to facilitate nationwide, HIPAA-compliant data collection and exchange through the VSP Eye Health Management Program? resulting in these cost savings and health benefits.

SOURCE VSP Vision Care