European Society of Cardiology to commence new programme of Global Scientific Activities at GW-ICC

June 17, 2017

The ESC's global scientific programme, which will be headlined as 'ESC in China', will also include collaborative exchanges in Latin and South America, Malaysia and the Middle East, and all will develop their themes around clinical case studies with the involvement of local specialists and general physicians. 'The basis of our contribution will be our expertise and guidelines,' says Komajda, 'but we wish to develop friendly relations where dialogue is the driving force.' Some of the leading figures in European cardiology are already scheduled to take part in the programme, including Komajda himself as ESC President and former ESC Past President Roberto Ferrari.

The programme will also gain support from the ESC's Affiliated National Societies, a group of national cardiac societies and professional groups from countries outside Europe. The affiliation programme, which seven more national societies have joined this year, allows close collaboration with the ESC and all its activities, and is becoming an increasingly popular route for national societies to take. Both the Chinese Society of Cardiology and Chinese College of Cardiovascular Physicians became Affiliated National Societies of the ESC earlier this year, bringing the total to 35.

SOURCE European Society of Cardiology