Dental health affects control of diabetes

July 05, 2017

While 78 percent believe that "the mouth is the gateway to infection in the body," there is still a need for more education around diabetes and oral care. Sixty-two percent said they were unsure or disagreed that gingivitis makes it more difficult to control blood sugar levels.

Dr. Martin added that people with diabetes are more likely to have tooth decay problems, dry mouth, bone loss, tooth loss, and accelerated oral breakdown compared to those who do not have diabetes. "As health care providers, people look to us for guidance. We need to give it. Too few people with diabetes know the dire consequences that can befall them because of just not knowing."

Through education and the practice of good dental care and oral hygiene habits ?? brushing and flossing daily and by keeping blood sugar levels under control ?? infection from gum disease can be reduced or eliminated along with the risk of tooth loss.