Californians can now access information about local healthcare providers using MyHealthResource

August 06, 2017

Click on the blue "Find Low or No Cost Services Near You" button Enter the name of the city, county or ZIP code Select from the list of service categories including clinics, vision, dental, mental health, veterans, seniors, homeless shelters and prescription assistance

The results: a list of local low- and no-cost health service providers, including street addresses, phone numbers and information on the types of services provided. Having access to these care options may allow families to get their children the vaccinations and immunizations they need to stay healthy. Or it could provide someone with diabetes who recently lost their health insurance a way to get the treatment they need.

Along with information on local healthcare service providers, Californians for Patient Care also provides information on chronic disease management, how to shop for health insurance, information on new research studies and links to helpful organizations and websites.

"The economy has been a tremendous equalizer, in terms of healthcare," said Gutierrez. "People who once were able to take their healthcare for granted now find themselves in different circumstances. As people consider the possibilities of the coming year, they should use their affordable, local resources to take charge of their health and get the care they need, when they need it."

SOURCE Californians for Patient Care